Sunflower Citrus Mineral Soak

A hot bath is a true pleasure. Many cultures have long revered the bath as a wholly purifying spiritual retreat. For them, bathing is not intended just for personal hygiene; it is also meant to be a way to relax and decompress after the stresses of the day.


We couldn't agree more! The Sunflower Citrus Mineral Soak is a joyful, peaceful and expansive blend that begins with mineral-rich Utah Redmond salt and refined sea salts combined with Sunflower Citrus Synergy Blend of essential oils with grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, cinnamon leaf and ylang ylang.


Sink in and imagine that you are lying in a field of sunflowers in the summer time, watching the clouds go by. You'll be left with soft skin and a smile on your face.

Sunflower Citrus Mineral Soak

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