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We support local entrepreneurs with a strong social message and purpose.

Here are some of the products we can include in our gift boxes.


When it comes to our products, we look to Mother Nature for inspiration and advice. She knows how to soothe dry skin, calm our senses, and revive our souls using only natural sources. That’s why we search the globe to find the most luxurious and desirable organic oils, salts, butters, clays and herbs to help relax, restore and rejuvenate the mind and the body. Many companies talk about natural and organic products. At All Things Jill we don’t just talk about it, we live it. 


Our family recipes have been passed down for generations. We take great pride in creating gourmet confections, using only the freshest premium ingredients and small batch cooking methods. All of our signature products are handmade and inspected to preserve our exceptional and distinctive family recipes.We are a small business committed to good old fashioned quality service.  True to our family roots, Davenport’s Tasty Sensations is a family affair! Based in the foothills of Alberta, Canada, we all pitch in for everything from perfecting recipes to buying ingredients to cooking to packaging! 


Better for bees, better for the planet, and better for you. It is easy to elevate your cooking with completely raw, bee-friendly, Canadian honey so you can enjoy healthy meals that  don't compromise on taste. Drizzle honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. We're completely raw, bee-friendly, and support Canadian beekeepers.

DUZU DATES - Calgary

We don’t just make fancy dates. We want to share our mindful balance between health and happiness in each hand-packaged delight. These delectable dates are the perfect afternoon snack, party favour, gift, or quick treat on the go. We are committed to working with the finest ingredients, and import the most succulent organic dates. We also partner with Master Chocolat, Bernard & Sons to enrobe the dates in the finest Organic and Fair Trade semi-sweet and luxurious milk chocolate. 


Coffee with a cause. We share coffee and love people in the struggle of addiction and homelessness around the Calgary's East Village. $1 from the sale of every Kingdom Coffee goes to setting up a trailer to serve coffee as well as provide toothbrushes and personal items for men and women including clothing.


We operate as a small team and pride ourselves on being local and producing the blends in-house. We make our blends in small batches ensuring freshness.Our specialty sea salts are premium grade, all-natural infused and hand-crafted smoked sea salts. Our blends are made with premium grade sea salts and organic herbs and spices.All of our salts are Kosher certified. 

SOAK,FIZZ & BUBBLES - Lloydminster

We believe in promoting self care by providing skin nourishing handmade bath and body product made with premium cosmetic grade raw materials that are sustainably sourced from reputable suppliers in Canada and USA. 

TEALIFE - Calgary

Our loose tea comes from the finest whole tea leaves and hand-picked buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Unlike regular tea bags, our tea is made from the purest and highest quality ingredients. We've also chosen to go mostly organic, so you can ensure what you are tasting is not only delicious but also healthy.

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At Wild Prairie Soap Company, our master soapmakers have found a perfect balance between the traditional craft and the modern-day science of saponification in order to create the finest natural soap. We incorporate 50% olive oil into every bar, making our soap both long-lasting and excellent for any skin type. The lather is profuse and conditions the skin while effectively and gently cleansing. Each bar is carefully hand cut and fully cured prior to sale. The entire soapmaking process takes approximately four hours from start to finish, with each individual batch producing over 400 bars.