A gift is more than a kind gesture; it tells the story of the relationship you share with someone.

And for you, that means choosing a gift with thoughtful intention. Showing that person that

you care and took the time to purchase

the perfect gift just for them.

Our hope is that in creating a Beautygram for someone, you have an opportunity to truly experience the beauty of giving.

We strive to partner with local businesses who support their community.

We believe the Beauty of Giving goes beyond our customer and the recipient of the gift they have chosen for them. We support a Calgary based charity whose mission aligns with ours and part of your Beautygram purchase will help their cause.

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Our goal is to create an experience that is as joyful for you, the gift giver, as it is for the recipient, so that you both experience the Beauty of Giving.


We make it our mission to provide you with the best quality products at the best possible price. All of our products come from local suppliers and are carefully chosen to offer you the best in giving. When you create your Beautygram you are supporting small, local businesses that put their hearts and souls into their products.

Whether you are customizing your gift box for a loved one or a corporate connection, we have a wide selection of items to chose from that can accommodate all budgets. 


At Beautygram we handpick every product to ensure that it

fits with the Beautygram brand, corporate values, and ultimate gift experience. 


We only partner with high-quality brands and products that are made locally,

with premium ingredients, are cruelty-free and use naturally sourced materials.


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I purchased Beautygram in October of 2018. I was not new to the business as I had helped the previous owner with curating the gifts and helped delivering. 


When I heard it was for sale I jumped at the opportunity. I had been looking for something where I could use my talents of creativity, help out the community while still remaining available to my family.


Beautygram has become a family business in which everyone loves to help. My two teenage daughters help create the baskets they think kids their age would love. My mom is the face behind the lovely packaging of your Beautygram and also helps deliver them. She has many talents, with some of them being great at merchandising and keeping things neat and tidy.  She also has amazing ideas for new packages. If you need some help creating the perfect gift, you can count on her expertise.

My love for wanting to do something that, no matter how big or small, was helping others and making people smile, was met with the purchase of Beautygram.

Beautygram has evolved from being a gift box full of beauty supplies. Beauty to me means seeing the beauty in others and experiences. So with this in mind I expanded Beautygram to include gifts for kids, men and anyone who is special in your life. Beautygram lets you experience the Beauty of Giving. 

~ Lindsay Burton



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